Casino/Resort Business Case

Hi, I need the rough draft first by 11/23/20 and the Final Paper by 12/5/20.

The purpose of the Final Paper is to demonstrate your master of the learning objectives stated in
this Syllabus. You will create a business case that focuses on a new casino/resort concept. In other
words, youll be selling a new casino/resort concept to me through this paper. You can select which
jurisdiction the casino/resort resides in (Native Gaming, New Jersey, Nevada, etc.). Your paper, not
including the title page and references, should be 8-9 pages in length. The paper should be doublespaced, and you can use images and charts, however, if you use them to fill space, you will be
graded down (they should have a purpose). Please refer to the Rubric at the end of the Syllabus for
guidance on grading. Please use APA format (
Please do not create an abstract. Your final paper will need to be submitted in a WORD document
(or format recognized by TurnItIn which will be used to verify originality and adherence to other
standards) via Blackboard.
Possible Areas of Focus-
Class Learning Objectives (page 2 of Syllabus)
Why will your casino/resort be successful?
How will your casino/resort be different than others in the marketplace?
What theme will your casino/resort have and why?
What will be the target customer of your casino/resort and why?
What will be your internal and external approach to marketing?
What will be your approach to recruiting and maintaining talent?
What amenities will your casino/resort offer and why?
How will you determine game mix (table games and slots)?
What organizational structure will your casino/resort have and why?

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